About George McQueen

Let me captivate your senses through my cultured background, love of adventure and travel. I grew up in York, England, where I enjoyed traveling around Europe from a very young age with my family, laying the foundation of my insatiable travel bug and zest for adventure. I studied real estate at university, however after graduating and moving to London, I pursued professional modelling and acting. Spending long years in the gloomy weather of Great Britain, I set my sights on sunnier skies and traveled the world and lived internationally for several years. Bringing my deep-rooted love and respect of women, as a result of being raised and surrounded by mostly female family members, I take incredible pride in my innate ability to make a woman feel special, appreciated and desired. My intelligence, conversational skills and chivalrous nature make for a powerful charmer by nature. I also enjoy building and riding vintage British motorcycles. I look forward to making unforgettable memories with special female companions!

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